Great Ocean Helicopters Hervey Bay is the love-child of Nathan and Aimee; we're two Victorian turned Queenslanders with a passion for sharing the unparalleled spectacles of a world seen from the sky. 

After six months of showcasing the undeniable beauty of the world-renowned Great Ocean Road, we sought a new kind of beauty - that which we found in an unexpected quaint corner right here in Hervey Bay. 


With over ten years' flying experience, we've covered many corners of Australia and seen some incredible sights along the way; The Twelve Apostles, Apollo Bay, and Western Australia's Pink Lake to name a few. Despite our extensive travels and awe-inspiring experiences; when questioned about our personal favourite, the response was quick:

Nathan and Aimee Hervey Bay Helicopter Flights

Hervey Bay is the most beautiful place we've ever seen from the sky.

Fraser Island Helicopter Flights

What is it that makes Hervey Bay by helicopter so special? Well, we've got everything from country, to coast, to the world-heritage listed natural wonders of Fraser Island, all right here in our backyard. We're committed to bringing our fellow co-pilots (you guys!) a unique, personalised experience - allowing you to select one of our pre-planned Hervey Bay and Fraser Island helicopter flights, or tailor your own flight to fit in all of your favourite spots across the Fraser Coast! 

As new additions to the slice of paradise that is Hervey Bay, we have a great passion for celebrating its beauty with locals and travelers alike, and bringing smiles to as many faces as we can along the way. We look forward to seeing yours!